Terms and Conditions

Parent/Guardian understands and acknowledges the dangers inherent in dance and releases the Creative Arts Dance Center Studio, its operator, officers, agents and assigns from all reasonably unforeseeable injury sustained as a result of student negligence or injuries resulting from unsupervised activity. Parent/Guardian agrees to supervise and/or be responsible for their own child during all times that their child is not enrolled and/or participating with a teacher in a supervised class. 

Moreover, Dancer(s), in attending the studio and using the facilities, does so at his/her own risk. CADC Studio operator shall not be liable for any damage arising from personal injuries sustained by student in or about the premises and he/she does hereby fully and forever release and discharge the CADC studio operator, all associated studios, their owners, employees, and agents from any and all claims, demands, rights of action, present or future, resulting from or arising out of the student's use of the studio and/or it's facilities. 

Parent/Guardian agrees to the following payment conditions: Registration Fees, Tuition payments, Late Fees, Costume Deposits and Show Fees are non-refundable. Private Lesson Fee is due when Private Lesson is reserved and a 72-hour cancellation notice is required on all private lessons for a full refund. If private lessons are not canceled within 72 hours, full payment is required. Tuition fee is based on an annual enrollment including National and some school Holidays and on a four week month. If a month has five weeks, no additional fee will be collected. The studio does not give credit if your class falls on a federal holiday or school holiday. If the regularly scheduled instructor is unavailable to teach the class and a substitute teacher is called upon, a credit will not be issued. Thirty-day cancellations notice is required in writing to end enrollment. Payment must be made for final thirty days.

Tuition is due on the First of each month. The day your Statement is received does not affect the due date. A $10 late fee will be assessed to your account after the 5th day of the month if tuition has not been received. A $10 monthly delinquent fee will be assessed to your account if your account has not been cleared by the 20th of the current month. A $35.00 fee will be assessed to your account if your check is returned. You may be required to replace your check with a bank check, cash, or money order.

Parents/Guardians/Students agree to immediately notify CADC management if they become aware that their dance student or themselves have been in contact with any Covid-19 positive person or persons. Parent/Guardian also agrees that their self and their child must be free of all Covid-19 symptoms to enter Creative Arts Dance Center. Please refer to CDC Covid-19 guidelines. Parent/Guardian/Child agree that they waive and release responsibility for any communicable diseases and hereby indemnify, release and forever hold harmless Creative Arts Dance Center, Creative Arts Unlimited, Creative Arts Charitable Foundation, Inc., as well as it's directors, employees, instructors and insurance companies from any and all claims of liability arising from accident, personal injury, illness, death, medical expenses, property loss or damages sustained while participating in any Creative Arts Dance Center program.

I authorize Creative Arts Dance Center and its affiliates to use photos and videos of my Parents/Guardians/Dancers for promotional purposes.